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Zeiss SMILE: What You Need To Know About The Procedure

Zeiss SMILE: What You Need To Know About The Procedure

Zeiss SMILE: What You Need To Know About The Procedure

Zeiss SMILE, also known as Refractive Lenticule Extraction – Small Incision Lenticule (ReLEx SMILE), is a type of laser vision correction procedure offered by various eye specialist clinics in Singapore. As the surgery involves the use of only one laser, without any blades or flaps, it is minimally invasive and can be completed in less than 10 minutes (for both eyes).


In particular, this procedure is effective in correcting astigmatism and myopia (short-sightedness), especially for patients with severe astigmatism (up to 500 degrees), myopia (500 to 1000 degrees), dry eyes, and contact lens intolerance. Read on to learn more details about this treatment and the benefits it can bring to individuals seeking vision correction.


How does Zeiss SMILE work?


Zeiss SMILE treats short-sightedness and astigmatism by removing a small piece of corneal tissue. A low-energy laser will be poised over your eye to perform a keyhole incision measuring around 2.5 to 4mm, allowing the surgeon to adjust the corneal shape, thus reshaping the way light bends when entering the eye. 


Due to the much smaller incision, fewer corneal nerves get severed during surgery, minimising the occurrences of dry eyes. That also results in a faster and more comfortable recovery process for you.


Furthermore, flap complications can be avoided since no flap is created during the surgery. This is especially beneficial for patients who lead active lifestyles and are at higher risk of suffering eye trauma, as well as those with occupations that increase their chances of contracting chronic dry eye.


Comparing Zeiss SMILE and LASIK: What are the differences?


While reading about Zeiss SMILE, you might wonder how this treatment differs from another popular laser eye surgery option in Singapore – LASIK. While both procedures aim to reshape the cornea for improved vision, the techniques diverge in their execution.


LASIK surgery – Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis – utilises the femtosecond laser to create a 22mm circumferential flap on the surface of the cornea. Subsequently, this flap is folded back, allowing a second laser (excimer laser) to sculpt the corneal tissue and correct refractive errors.


Afterwards, the flap is repositioned to ensure its stability over the cornea until it heals completely. In the event of a trauma, the flap may become dislodged, however, such incidents are rare. There is also a slight possibility of the patient developing Corneal Ectasia.


Learn More: ReLEx SMILE Singapore, LASIK surgery Singapore


Benefits of Zeiss SMILE

Benefits Of Zeiss SMILE

Benefit #1: Safe


During Zeiss SMILE surgery, the lenticules are carefully removed through a small incision, thus preserving the cornea’s stability. As a result, there is minimal corneal nerve damage and post-operative dryness.


Benefit #2: Minimally invasive


Zeiss SMILE surgery is minimally invasive and relatively painless. Before the procedure begins, the eye doctor will apply topical anaesthetic eye drops to numb your eye. While you may experience minor discomfort during treatment, rest assured that such sensations are common and usually mild.


Benefit #3: Fewer complications


The flapless nature of Zeiss SMILE eliminates flap-related issues in LASIK surgery. As such, you need not worry about the corneal flap reforming, causing complications like blurry eyes, glares, or halos. Additionally, there is less risk of infection and a lower incidence of dry eye syndrome due to the smaller incision produced during treatment.


Benefit #4: Minimal downtime


Patients undergoing Zeiss SMILE surgery enjoy a speedier recovery, with less irritation or discomfort post-op. While you might experience mild pain and blurriness in the first couple of days after the procedure, they should quickly subside, allowing for a relatively hassle-free recuperation.


Your eye doctor will prescribe eye drops after the surgery to prevent infection and aid healing. After a week or so, you can resume normal activities. However, swimming should be avoided for a month while your eye heals and stabilises. Meanwhile, you should continue wearing protective sunglasses outdoors for at least a month.


While Zeiss SMILE delivers desirable long-term results and may be viable for those seeking to achieve clear vision, we recommend speaking to an eye doctor first so that they can assess whether the procedure is suitable for you. If you have any concerns about the treatment, feel free to contact Nova Eye Centre to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor today to clarify your doubts and discuss your options.

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