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Dry Eye Syndrome: What Can You Do About Your Condition?

An Asian Experiencing Discomfort In Their Eyes

Your eyes require moisture to stay healthy and comfortable. When you blink, you are actually squeezing your eye glands to produce nourishing tears to lubricate your eyes. However, if these tears are inadequate or unstable for various reasons, you may start experiencing discomfort in the eyes, otherwise known as dry eyes. If it worsens, it […]

DCR Surgery: Treatment for Blocked Tear Ducts

Normal Tear Duct vs Blocked Tear Duct

We often associate our eyes with sight and vision, allowing us to perceive the world around us. But did you know that these peepers consist of many different complex components as well that enable them to function optimally and healthily? This includes our tear ducts, playing a crucial role in the draining of tears to […]




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