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4 Benefits of LASIK Surgery

4 Benefits of LASIK Surgery

In the world of eye care solutions and treatments, the term LASIK is often heard as it is one of the common surgical procedures performed to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The surgery is quick, painless and involves reshaping the cornea so that light is better focused into the retina to improve vision. In our previous article, we dove into the depths of LASIK surgery, exploring different aspects including how it is performed, eligibility and what can be expected to help readers make a more informed decision on whether LASIK surgery is right for them. For those who have decided upon getting the treatment yet still feel unsettled, this article will demonstrate the benefits of LASIK surgery to help strengthen resolve and provide greater peace of mind.


Contact lenses and prescription glasses are the go-to solutions to correct myopia. However, they can cause minor inconveniences. Glasses need to be washed and cleaned daily for clear, unobstructed vision. In addition, engaging in sports activities with glasses will require the wearer to be constantly cautious of potential accidents. 

On the other hand, contacts involve frequent washing of hands before touching the lenses and having to insert the lenses into the eye, which can be discomforting and challenging for some users. 

LASIK surgery eliminates these concerns. Once the procedure is completed, patients no longer have to deal with glasses and contacts to see better which in turn, makes it . In addition, it makes for a more cost-effective long term solution as compared to contacts. While LASIK surgery in Singapore may have a hefty upfront price, it definitely beats having to buy a lifetime of contacts. 

Improved Vision

Improved vision is perhaps the most apparent benefit of LASIK surgery. Most patients who have undergone this procedure may find themselves with 20/20 vision or even better! In fact, LASIK surgery shows 96% of success rate and up to 50% of patients with a better vision than the standard 20/20. This then begets the question – how exactly does it improve vision? Simply put, it is the reshaping of the cornea during LASIK surgery that helps to correct and improve vision. The cornea is reshaped in a way that refracts light precisely onto the cornea to correct vision. With just one outpatient procedure, patients can enjoy greatly enhanced vision, with a brand new view of the world.

Quick Recovery and Long Lasting Results

Depending on your eye condition and advice given to you by your eye specialist, most patients in general can resume their daily schedule as quick as just one day after their LASIK surgery. Though, it is still recommended to avoid certain activities such as swimming or putting on eye makeup for about two weeks. With regards to the permanency of LASIK surgery, yes, it is expected to be permanent. There is typically no need for follow-up visits to your eye clinic unless specified by your eye specialist. Nevertheless, it is important to note that while the outcome is permanent, there is a possibility that the eyes can still change their shape especially in younger patients where myopia is not yet stable. This may affect vision in the future.         

Little to No Pain

Though surgeries are often associated with a lot of pain, this is not the case for LASIK surgery, as a result of the numbing drops used. These numbing drops will feel similar to over-the-counter eye drops, but in fact, they contain a local anaesthetic to numb the eye. Once administered, your eye will start to lose sensation feel numb while areas surrounding it including your eyelids remain unaffected. All you will feel is the speculum, which is a tool used to hold your eye open. So, most will wonder if they may experience pain after the surgery if not during. Generally, minor discomfort, soreness and irritation are to be expected while the eye heals. Severe pain is significantly rare and should not be expected. If you experience this, it is highly recommended to visit your eye clinic immediately.

No doubt, the benefits of undergoing LASIK surgery in Singapore are plentiful whether it is during or after the procedure. Apart from the obvious enhanced vision, it can also increase self-esteem and overall quality of life. 

Nova Eye Centre is an eye clinic in Singapore, offering a range of eye care treatments including LASIK surgery. Contact us for more information today!

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